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There are many reasons that puppies may resort to chewing. The first reason is chewing is a natural way for puppies to explore their environment. Chewing also happens when puppies are teething, or growing in their permanent adult teeth.


Puppies also chew when they’re bored or stressed. It’s a way for them to relieve the tension that they’re feeling. Chewing is a natural behavior. Stopping puppies from chewing on anything is impossible. But you can stop them from chewing on inappropriate objects.


A reason a puppy may be stressed is

because his personality doesn’t fit with your lifestyle. Perhaps you have a shy puppy, but your family life is overbearing. This causes your puppy to chew. Or maybe your puppy is overly energetic and you’re not. The first reaction to this is to get annoyed and put the puppy outside. He’ll start to chew on things just to relieve energy.


This will result in you taking the dog to a shelter because you can’t handle him, or he can’t handle you. You can attempt to prevent the problem of chewing altogether. Get a puppy that matches your personality and lifestyle. This will ward off reasons for your puppy to chew on things.


Your puppy still needs to chew in order to play and explore. Buy your puppy plenty of toys that he’s allowed to chew on. Train your puppy to recognize that these are acceptable items to chew on. It also helps to supervise your puppies when they’re in the room with objects that aren’t allowed to be chewed on.


For example, if your puppy has a habit of chewing on your shoes or a purse, you need to watch your puppy so that he doesn’t do it. Many people are unsuccessful in stopping their puppy from chewing because they don’t watch them. If you can’t watch him, crate him. Crating isn’t cruel. During the training stages it’s very necessary. It keeps your puppy safe, because you can’t watch them all the time.


You can discipline your puppy when he chews on objects aside from his chew toys. It is not recommended that you physically discipline the puppy. This puts fear into him, and is not an effective method for stopping puppies from chewing. Instead, you can try a loud noise followed by the command “NO!” Most owners usually clap very loud once or twice. You can also get creative and use a bell, or another loud object. This will prevent the dog from chewing on inappropriate items when done in a consistent manner